Once your removal has been done you will need to take care of your skin and this is how.

Keep the area moist with the aftercare ointment you were given. This prevents infection in the 1st few days and once it dries out helps with the itching.

Cleanse the area with water only – no bacterial soaps or body washes or alcohol wipes on the area.

No swimming in the sea or pool for 4 days unless you wear a FULLY water tight plaster over the area while swimming and remove after as area needs to be breath.

No training: gym, cycling, running (sweating) for 48 hours.

No Covid vaccine for 2 weeks after the removal.

No moisture cream on the area only the aftercare you were given.

Do not expose the area to hot water or the sun .

Do not cover the area – allow the skin to breath.

No make-up on the area.

No deep tissue or lymph drainage massages while healing (for 15 days after the removal).

Itching, tingling, minor bleeding, sensitivity, blisters, oozing, bruising, redness and minor swelling is all normal after the removal.

Scabbing and itching comes once the area is drying out so expect this a few days in from day 4 or 5 for a few days. Don’t scratch the scabs/dry skin off. Your aftercare ointment will help prevent itching.

Wear loose fitting clothes on the affected area – rubbing may cause scarring.

Removal on eyebrows: eyebrow hair will turn white but this is temporary. Cover with pencil after 8 to 10 days – once flaking has finished you can tint your brows after 3 weeks.