Stages of Removal

What to Expect

Tattoo removal can be as little as 2 sessions or as many as 15 sessions
It depends on:

  • The location of the tattoo: upper half of the body has more blood flow and removal is more effective there.
  • How old the tattoo is: the older the tattoo the easier it should be to remove.
  • How many layers of ink was implanted in the skin, how deep and what ink was used will also affect the outcome.
  • The ink will be re introduced to your bloodstream as the laser hits the skin, so your immune system will play a role in removing the ink from your body.
  • The laser machine needs to be in good order and have an effective lamp – some tattoo removal companies do not replace their lamp timely and the laser beam is then weak and your removal will not be as effective. Debbie will always ensure her lamp is replaced timely and her laser machine is serviced.